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Paul Keable: one step ahead of the crowd

Posted by Natasha C. on January 28, 2008

by Natasha Carr, Corporate Communications & PR ’08

Paul Keable, Vice President of Consumers Wellness Division, Manning Selvage & Lee, built his career on standing out from the competition by going the extra mile.

Keable, who graduated from the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program in 2000, says he has set himself apart from the crowd to gain a competitive advantage.

“How can I differentiate myself from everyone? What else can I do? What extra value to the equation can I add? asks Keable. Agencies are always looking for help so why not volunteer?”

Throughout his career he has operated on looking outside the box in search of job opportunities to help him grow as a communications professional and as an individual eager to learn new things.

paulkeable.jpg“I didn’t put a set career path in place in terms of job title. Learning and working with really great clients – that’s what I always strive to do. I want to work with clients who challenge me to do better,” he says.

He finds his job more than gratifying working for an agency.

“There’s a great myth about agency life that it’s about working you to the bone from dawn to dusk. I don’t believe that’s true in my career. There’s a lot to learn in the beginning of your career and I am now seven years out from graduation and still learn every day,” says Keable.

But the opportunity to learn new things is just the beginning for Keable.

“I see our industry growing in terms of responsibility and impact on the bottom line for a lot of our clients.”

Although Keable loves his job, he says there are days when things can be challenging.

“Not everything is a home run – you’re spending a lot of your day ensuring you’re reaching the right people with your message. What people expect and what they ask for are sometimes not the necessarily the same thing,” says Keable.

But he says the future is bright for new communicators prepared to work hard, volunteer and network in the field.

“Keep your eyes and ears open. Opportunity is everywhere, but it doesn’t always have a sign on the door saying ‘knock here.’ You have to sort of shake the tree and see what falls down,” says Keable.


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