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Nadia Vercillo: A World of Experience

Posted by Colleen Monks on April 1, 2008

by Colleen Monks, Corporate Communications & PR ’08

Nadia Vercillo, a Corporate Communications and Public Relations graduate, continues to use skills she learned at Centennial in her role as Manager of Corporate Communications and Public Relations at the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association (OVMA).

Media relations is an integral part of Vercillo’s job at OVMA. “The writing and anything I learned about the media at Centennial still holds true,” Vercillo says. However, media situations that occur unexpectedly can become quite stressful. When Menu Foods issued a pet food recall of products imported from China, Vercillo was flooded with media calls for three weeks. She then had to develop a communications plan and prepare veterinarians with key messages for dealing with the media.

Nadia VercilloAnother one of Vercillo’s roles is managing editor of OVMA’s publication, Focus Magazine. She is responsible for every aspect of Focus, including classified and commercial advertising, publication policy, and writing and editing the content.

Vercillo also oversees the art direction. “The graphic design I learned really set me up,” she says, explaining how her experience has allowed her to be more precise in her conversations with the design team.

While she loves her job at OVMA, Vercillo considers herself lucky to have gained such great past experiences, especially through her two years working in Europe.

For one year, she worked in London, England, as the communications coordinator and then communications manager for an interactive health care company. Here, Vercillo was able to put her communication skills to practice when convincing health care systems of the effectiveness of interactive health care programs.

Vercillo then moved on to Paris, France, for a year where she worked as the business communications and cultural trainer at Impact Communications, a language training school. In this position, she came face-to-face with the existing cultural differences when she trained clients in understanding North American business practices.

In her past and present job experiences, Vercillo has experienced some hectic situations but says there are ways to make work easier. To people just entering the field, she recommends that they have some attachment to the job. “Life is tough and gets more complicated with people wanting to have kids, families and volunteer. But it gets easier if you’re interested in what you’re doing”.

Vercillo’s attachment to her job at OVMA is clear through her love for animals and deep respect for the veterinarians that care for them. On top of that, work can be a learning experience when you are truly invested in the job. “The best part of this job is I can learn as much as possible. As much as I’m helping, the company is helping me.”


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