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Another successful grad carves out a career

Posted by bwaite on October 14, 2008

1991 graduate

1991 graduate



by Esuyemi Ogunbanke ( formerly Leslie Bharath)  



I have been able to parlay my Corporate Communication Diploma into a diverse career, which utilizes all aspects of the course.


Since graduating in 1991 I’ve worked as a journalist for radio and television, a news anchor, a producer for television, a facilitator of lectures and a communications officer. 


I enjoy diversity in my working life and recognized early on that Centennial College’s program was ideal.  After graduating, I worked as an intern at the Caribbean Broadcasting Union in Barbados.  There I produced a number of features for the regional television program Caribscope.


Participation in the United Nations Training Program for Broadcast Journalists followed, in 1992, then work on the island of St. Maarten as a journalist for the local cable channel.


On St. Maarten I began my freelance career and utilized the management training I gained in Corporate Communication to run a modelling school and help manage an art gallery while continuing my work in television.


Upon my return to Trinidad in 1995 I became a producer for a regional sports feature programme called Caribbean Sports Digest.  I visited many Caribbean islands during this period and got the opportunity to cover Caribbean athletes who participated in the Special Olympics in 1999 in North Carolina.


That year marked my transition to working as a Communications Officer with the Environmental Management Authority.  This is a governmental statutory body which deals with aspects of research, policy development and education on the environment.


During that period I began working part time at a radio station in the newsroom,  writing and reading news.  After leaving the Authority I continued in news at radio stations until 2005 before being employed full time at a Community Television Station, Gayelle the Channel. 


In 2006 I co-authored an 83-page communication manual for a non-governmental organization which seeks to empower HIV positive persons.  I also facilitated lectures based on the manual in Guyana and St. Vincent and the Grenadines.


As of September 2008, I am working as a freelance communicator through my company, Lunar Communications, set up in 1998.  Current projects include scripting six segments of a television program on technology and high tech gadgets available in T&T, reviewing two manuscripts for a local novelist and producing television features for a government information programme.


Corporate Communication has opened many doors for me.  I’ve said more than once since graduation: “I am happy to have followed the advice of my guidance counsellor who directed me to Corporate Communication over Broadcast Journalism, which was oversubscribed at the time.  I reaped the benefit of a solid grounding in the principles of writing for news and the benefit of being trained to meet the needs of any corporate environment.”




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