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Grads back to class event

Posted by bwaite on October 15, 2008

by T. J. Goertz, Class of 2009

It’s been a dozen years since she graduated from Centennial’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program. Nevertheless, Rosie Mecca Lancaster still credits her workplace success to her time in school.

“I found that everything I learned at Centennial was easily transferable…I really find the program helps you to develop those skills you need out there in the real world. It’s very practical,” Mecca Lancaster said while speaking Sept. 26 to CC and PR students.

She was part of a group of four guests who visited the Centre for Creative Communications as part of the program’s Grads Back to Classevent, organized by program co-ordinator Christine Smith.

Mecca Lancaster, the Canadian Cancer Society Ontario’s senior co-ordinator of volunteer engagement, was joined by three other  grads ­– Rob Hogan, Sarah Ryeland and Dayna MacLeod.

Hogan, an account executive at Edelman Public Relations in Toronto, graduated from Centennial just 18 months ago. Thanks to Centennial’s intensive nine-month program, Hogan’s Field Placement was a positive experience. He enjoys working at the multinational agency.

Despite the stresses and pressures of agency life, he was able to cope well after making it through the CC and PR program. Hogan now works with some “dream clients,” including Ford and Molson.

“Personally, I like drinking beer and I like cars,” Hogan told the class. “CC and PR grads should make sure to find an internship they’re interested in.”

Ryeland, the Retail Council of Canada’s independent retail project co-ordinator, said program instructor Jessie-May Rowntree led her to think big after graduating a year ago. Before joining the CC and PR program staff, Rowntree was York University’s director of communications.

 “I was really sort of inspired by the work that she had done there. What I really wanted was a chance to work somewhere where I could get a really broad range of experience.”

As a senior event manager with BMO Capital Markets, MacLeod is doing just that – getting to practice her skills in a wide range of areas. She deals with industry conferences and other high-end client events, including movie screenings and skiing-related activities.

 “I absolutely love it,” MacLeod said. “I get to do lots of travel on the job…every event I do is different. What I love best about my job is the diversity of events I get to do.”

The four guest speakers provided an exciting hour-long discussion period for students.

“It was inspiring to find out how much graduates have benefited from what we’re doing now,” said Amy Teitel, a first semester CC and PR student.


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