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“Centennial taught me everything I know”

Posted by bwaite on November 21, 2008


Nadia Radovini

Nadia Radovini

By Mohit Sharma, Class of 2009

For Nadia Radovini, Communications Advisor at Sunnybrook Health Sciences Centre, it was the corporate communications program at Centennial College that helped her recognize her writing skills and passion for communications.

“Centennial taught me everything I know today. The communications program taught me all the hands-on skills I use in my profession every day. I am grateful to my instructors for that,” says Radovini.

Radovini has been in communications for the past 12 years. It began with her taking up a voluntary public relations (PR) assignment with the Credit Valley Hospital in 1996. She enjoyed the position so much that in 1998, while in her third year at York University, she enrolled in the Joint Program in Corporate Communications at Centennial College. She graduated in 2001.  

“PR is much more than glamour and meeting new people every day. I realized this while pursuing this program and volunteering for the health care sector,” says Radovini. “Actually I would call myself a communicator rather than a PR person. The term PR sounds more like dealing with the public, which we do, but only to an extent.”

Radovini has been with Sunnybrook since 2002. She handles both internal and external communications for the hospital’s Neurosciences program. She has been rewarded for her work both in position and salary. She joined Sunnybrook as a Public Affairs Officer and was later promoted to the position of Communications Advisor. She credits Centennial’s communications program for her current success.

“I feel I am cut out for this job. I can’t work in an environment where I just have to push ideas or products. I really enjoy this work,” says Radovini, sharing her passion for the health care sector. “I feel I am contributing to something worthwhile; this industry truly affects us all.”

Radovini was also at the forefront of the hospital’s communications when the SARS issue broke in 2003. “The outbreak was the most challenging experience. Our work included attending war room meetings and regular communication to staff. Responding to more than 50 media requests a day, proactively and reactively providing the media and our publics with current and otherwise unattainable information during quarantine periods,” says Radovini, recalling her difficult,  and yet most successful assignment to date.

She leaves the following message for aspiring communicators: “Follow your instructors because what they teach in class really helps in your profession. Have strong work ethics, humility to learn new things,  be confident, yet open to learning.

“And volunteer, it helps you in making contacts and future references. Sometimes people don’t have jobs for you but they remember the good work. Volunteering gets you closer to what you love and aspire for in life. It can open up opportunities that you may not get otherwise”



One Response to ““Centennial taught me everything I know””

  1. mona said

    This is an interesting interview. I liked the way she says she prefers to use communicator than a PR when describing herself. A well written interview too.

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