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Grad finds love for event management

Posted by bwaite on November 21, 2008

By Jen Burkholder, Class of ‘09

Grad Meg Sweeney

Grad Meg Sweeney

“High touch” – two words Meg Sweeney uses to describe Centennial’s Corporate Communications and Public Relations program.


Sweeney, a graduate of the class of 2006, attributes much of her success in the field of event marketing and planning to the faculty and courses at the college.

“The program really prepares you,” says Sweeney, “everything is relevant.

According to the young professional, the program faculty also has a lot to do with the success of its students.

“Their doors were always open; they were easy to talk to and they were always responsive to our needs,” Sweeney explains. She credits program coordinator, Christine Smith, for recognizing her interest and talents, and encouraging her to pursue them. “She told me I was glowing every time I talked about Yellow House.”

Graduating just over three years ago, Sweeney is now the Senior Account Executive for the Toronto’s Yellow House Events. From her Client Project course,  to her Field Placement, to her present full time position, the job was a good fit from the start. The company works on events, specializing in product launches, galas, golf tournaments and conferences and is owned by the dynamic Grail Noble. It is located in a quaint, stylish office in the Distillery District.

During her semester at Centennial, Sweeney fell in love with event management.  The Wilfrid Laurier University graduate soon took it upon herself to plan the class Christmas dinner and end-of-the-year gathering. She now finds herself planning events and product launches with Yellow House for companies such as RIM and TELUS. She enjoys paying attention to details while envisioning the larger picture, and creating a lasting impression for her clients.

“It’s really rewarding when you can look at the bottom line and feel a sense of responsibility and achievement.”

Sweeney acknowledges the program for its networking opportunities, suggesting fellow grads become the people you rely on once you’re working in the field. She credits the guaranteed internship as a great way to gain experience, apply the skills learned in the program and expand these networking relationships.

Sweeney’s best tip for junior communicators?  Stay informed and keep on top of the ever-shifting trends in the industry. She recommends doing research and talking with professionals to better understand where you fit.

At the same time, she reminds young professionals to be creative and innovative. Her position at Yellow House Events allows her to do just that.


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  1. April said

    Great piece Jen!

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