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Posted by bwaite on January 8, 2009

By Nikki Kerimova, Class of 2010


Jennifer Beale graduated from the joint Centennial College and York University Public Relations and Corporate Communications program in 1997 and since then has carved out a unique career path for herself. Starting out in a PR agency, she eventually opened her own PR firm, Unleash PR.

With a staff of four people, no day is the same for this entrepreneur. Unleash PR represents experts in different areas in hopes of helping them help people. Beale uses the help of experts to achieve personal success. As she notes: “If you want success, you get people who are already successful [in that field] to get you there.”

She frequently takes workshops in different areas, to keep educating herself and stay on top of the field. She has never belonged to IABC or CPRS, finding that self education is most valuable. Beale also teaches a few workshops herself. “I teach them [the audience] in one day what took me ten years to learn.” In fact, Beale even takes workshops by the experts she represents as part of their payment.

Some of the experts she represents include ones that specialize in marketing, real estate and franchise. Her strategy is that surrounding oneself with experts makes her a mini expert in a few different fields. “When you have a problem, go and get the best person,” says Beale. That is the thinking behind her business.

Even though she has no formal training in business, Beale managed to make a six-figure income within five months of opening Unleash PR. This was done by hiring an expert who guided her business decisions. The next
move for Unleash PR is franchising, which is why Beale has recently attended franchising workshops and hanging out with a franchising expert. “I never wanted to manage people,” She decided, instead, to expand her business in a different way.

Beale reveals that she still has some materials from her Centennial days. One is a guideline that she uses to help her when leading seminars. Her job has taught her to incorporate everything she learned in school and working in agencies and to use that knowledge to create a successful PR firm. “I love being a businesswoman.”


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