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CC & PR grad tips the employability scale

Posted by bwaite on March 12, 2009


Grad Ashley Tilley

by Julia Salerno, Class of 2009

Landing a job was as easy as A-B-C for the recent Centennial graduate, Ashley Tilley. She credits the Corporate Communications and Public Relations program for her speedy transition into full-time employment.

As the communications co-ordinator for the ABC Literacy Foundation, Tilley puts to use the technical skills she learned at school. “I was taught a framework of skills and now I’m building on them,” Tilley said. “I use those skills everyday,” she furthered.

Tilley admits that she is relatively new to the PR biz. Although she doesn’t claim to know it all, she offers some tips that could help ease the transition from school to work. Her first tip: Write and write often. “It’s something you can never get enough practice doing,” she said. Whether it’s a press release or a website update, more than half of her day is spent writing.

Next on Tilley’s tip list is networking. “It’s important to establish contacts before you’re finished school; you never know who you’re going to meet, or where your going to end up,” Tilley recommended. The once timid networker assures that it gets easier with time. “Just try to remember that they’re probably feeling just as awkward as you are,” she suggested.

Tilley does a lot of networking for work and regrets not doing more while she was in school. “I volunteered with ABC when I was in school, a position opened up and that’s how I got hired,” Tilley said.

Her third tip: build your resume with volunteer experience. “It’ll give you an advantage over the competition,” Tilley said. “It’s a great way to gain valuable exposure before you enter the workforce,” she advised. Tilley measures her current success by recalling her Centennial experience.

“I left Centennial feeling confident and capable,” Tilley said. “I know that wherever my career takes me, I’ll always be prepared.”


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