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Grad wins significant award

Posted by bwaite on May 11, 2009

Marta Sinyard joined the CC+PR program in January 2002.  She completed her Field Placement internship with St. Joseph’s Media, under the direction of communicator Christine DiSiato.  Marta’s  been there ever since, earning a number of promotions and increasing her responsibilities.

Our 2008 Chairman’s Award Recipient

If there is an opportunity to learn something new, this associate is there with no hesitation. She views every opportunity as a chance to learn and grow into a valued but humble associate.

She is a strong advocate of using recycled stocks for all communications. She is involved in St. Joseph Partners in Growth program and is an active member of the Environmental task force; it’s evident she is all about saving the environment and will step up and do whatever it takes to make it happen. And she feels guilty when using styrofoam cups for her coffee.

It is with honour that we introduce St. Joseph Print’s 2008 Chairman’s Award.

Recipient of St. Joseph Print's 2008 Chairman's Award - Marta Sinyard

Recipient of St. Joseph Print's 2008 Chairman's Award - Marta Sinyard

Marta started with St. Joseph Communications on July 7, 2004 as a part-time intern in the Corporate Communications & Marketing department.

Through her dedication and hard work, she quickly became the full-time Communications Coordinator, and was given the immense responsibilities of planning and executing some of St. Joseph Communications major associate initiatives, including Partners in Growth, Volunteer Day, and of course, Chairman’s Award.

As St. Joseph’s Associate Manager, Corporate Communications, she is a passionate and enthusiastic associate, willing to pitch in wherever needed.

Our sincerest congratulations Marta!


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