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Applying for January 2008?

Posted by Gary Schlee on October 26, 2007

If you are interested in applying to start the Centennial postgrad program this January, here are some answers to questions you might have:

Are there still seats available?
Yes there are. We are currently holding sessions with those who have applied, providing them with the opportunity to find out more about the program and complete the supplementary writing and editing requirements for admission. We’ll continue doing that until the seats are filled. Anyone interested in applying through OCAS at this point can do so with a reasonable shot at a seat. However, it’s important to do that as quickly as possible.

How many students will be in the January class?
About 30.

What happens after I’ve applied through OCAS?
You will receive a letter from Centennial inviting you to come in for one of the Applicant Supplementary sessions. At the moment, we’re typically running those on Thursday afternoons.

Do the January students attend class through the summer?
Yes they do. The first semester runs from January to April, while the second semester is May to mid-July. The internship is mid-July to mid-September.


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